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CSA Shutdown Sept 2019

Jun 13, 2018

Levert Group: Our Product Is People

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Aug 09, 2016

Milestone anniversary for Kidd Operations in Timmins, Ontario

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Aug 03, 2016

Popular Job Fair in North Bay, Ontario

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Jun 15, 2015

Levert Group – proud of our Northern roots

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Safety Tip:
Report All Injuries and Property Damage Right Away

Great example, let’s say you slipped on ice, or got into an accident, but you are certain you're OK.

Now!! A few days later, you're experiencing serious back pain.

This is an example of why reporting all workplace injuries is important; what may seem minor at the time can worsen, become chronic or lead to complications such as infection, disease or disability.

Are any of these statements familiar?

  • It was just a little scrape, it really wasn’t worth reporting.
  • I was just so busy I forgot.
  • It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.
  • I wasn’t sure I should report it so I didn’t.
  • It was my own fault so I was embarrassed to say anything.

If you are injured, however slight, while you are engaged in any work with Levert or any of its clients, report the injury immediately to your immediate Supervisor, Levert representative and/or Health and Safety Officer.

Always remember to report any unsafe condition or unsafe acts, no matter how minor to your supervisor. It’s far better to prevent accidents than it is to fill out reports, be part of an investigation, as well as to deal with the workers’ compensation, and/or the loss of a valuable co-worker and yourself.

Why injuries aren’t always reported.

Sometimes, injuries aren’t reported because the person doesn’t want to take time off work to see a doctor. Other times, the injury is minor, and the person thinks it’s “not a big deal” or that it will stop hurting or heal on its own. Still other times, injuries aren’t reported because the employee is embarrassed; the person thinks he or she will be “blamed” for the injury; or the person is concerned about reprisal.

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